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The Importance of SEO for Local Businesses in Gold Canyon AZ

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Its goal is to lead a specific website or webpage to a higher ranking position in query results to a page known as a SERP (search engine results page). SEO and online advertising go hand in hand. Paid advertising uses keywords to target customers wanting to buy, while organic SEO ranks the same or similar keywords to provide customers with information to help make a buying decision. Both can be effective, but the strategies are quite different and so is the long term costs. Keep in mind your overall marketing objective is to make your business more profitable, so knowing where you spend marketing dollars is key!

Regardless of the field of your business, your competition is either using organic SEO and paid online advertising or they’re considering it.

The question is how might your company benefit from SEO or paid advertising results? We offer an answer that you might be obvious: hire a Gold Canyon SEO expert.

Here is our process for implementing SEO.

1. Website Enhancement (On-Page)

There are a number of areas to enhance a website for SEO. Site Structure, interlinking, metadata, and titles to name a few. All of these things take time, and time is money. We are happy to assist you with these for your existing website.

However, what if you can start off with an SEO ready website? Well, now you can! We offer web design packages with SEO in mind. Websites structured for indexing and ready for growth. When combined with our Gold Canyon SEO services, you can get to the front page of search results for your brand and industry keywords.

2. Brand Building (Off-Page)

Where are you on the internet? Where are people looking for? Do you show up in search results for your brand, even if its misspelled? Being in all the places people are looking for you is a key strategy for getting ranked in search engines. Whether it’s a business directory or niche category, your presence is important.

3. Link Building

Obtaining website links is probably the most important, yet difficult, part of SEO to implement. In fact, this is also where most of the expense lies. Link building takes tremendous effort and must be done strategically to be effective.

4. Reviews

Ok, so now your branded and people can find you. But what are they finding? What are people and your customers saying about you? Getting reviews is the key to having a positive online reputation. Start asking your satisfied customers to review your business. 

5. Analytics

The main benefit of online marketing is being able to see and measure results. Using analytics you can predict trends and make improvements over time. This is something that is unheard of in traditional marketing.

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