the SomoSEO story

Somoseo Digital Marketing started in 2008 as an IT Consulting company. Its purpose was to help small business owners in South Phoenix. Also known as the South Mountain Village.
After working with local businesses building websites, there seemed to be something missing. Internet marketing and search engine optimization were a growing demand. In 2015 the company was re-branded from South Mountain Consulting to Somoseo.
This evolution was an important step in servicing the true needs of local businesses. A solid online presence has taken priority for local business owners. Somoseo builds exposure for a company’s brand, location, and key terms. This in turn generates traffic and gets new customers.
Today Somoseo is a full-service digital marketing agency working with local businesses. Somoseo focuses on assisting local business owners get from where they are to where they want to go. At least as it relates to their online presence.

the SomoSEO team

Somoseo Digital Marketing owners Isreal and Rachelle Young believe in helping local businesses. They met in January 2018 while networking with the Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce. Isreal was part of the east valley events committee. Rachelle was looking for a company to promote her event. An Inspirational Leadership Conference called “‘Going Boldly“.
Long story short, they had a divine connection and began planning their future. The wedding was held on June 22, one day after the “Going Boldly” conference.
Today they work together promoting events, connecting people, and building Somoseo.
somoseo owners

“Be bold! You never know who you are inspiring.”

Rachelle Haviland Young

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