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97% of Websites are not ADA Compliant 

ADA Accessibility and Compliance

We believe that everyone should be able to use any website on the Internet. It shouldn’t matter if they have a condition that affects their capabilities or what hardware and software they need to use. This is the main concept behind web accessibility (a11y).

SEO ADA Compliant Web Design

A Brief Introduction to Web Accessibility

The fact is that millions of internet users have special needs and impairments that can make it difficult or even impossible for them to use certain types of websites. By designing your site with these challenges in mind, you can ensure that it’s welcoming to as many users as possible.

While there are a lot of disabilities and conditions that can affect the way people use websites, let’s take a look at some of the most common categories of impairments.


Issues with vision include a partial or total inability to see. It also includes people who struggle with color differentiation.


Some users have a reduced ability to hear.

Motor Skills

Some people have difficulty with fine motor skills. Using a mouse is problematic for them.

Photosensitive seizures

Conditions such as epilepsy can cause seizures that are often triggered by flashing lights or fast-moving website sliders.

Cognitive disabilities

There are also many conditions that affect cognitive ability, such as dementia and dyslexia.

Why We Use WordPress

Every day companies spend thousands of dollars on a website. Little do they know an expensive custom website is not always the best option. In fact, these expensive websites are often a search engine nightmare. Slow loading animation, video, and images are a few of the reasons websites don’t show up in search engines. In the modern-day world, websites must be accessible, fast, and mobile-friendly. They also need to be secure and backed-up, up in the event of a data breach. Implementing SSL Certificates, as well as a backup and recovery system is critical to websites’ long-term success.

How We Are Different

We provide a practical and inexpensive website solution for personal or professional use. Our solution is to create optimized and accessible websites for every user and search engine. The result is getting and keeping more visitors to your website. By doing so, you are more likely to convert visitors into clients.

Do I Still Need An SEO Agency?

In SEO, website optimization is the first of a three-step process. By starting with a website built for SEO and Web Accessibility you are eliminating the first step often referred to as “on-page”. The second step in SEO is your company branding. This involves building branded links back to your website, also known as “off-page”. The third and final step is building authority links. Building links means finding and connecting with other niche relevant websites with authority.

The SEO experts at Somoseo can help you with all three. To find out if SEO and Web Accessibility are right for your business give us a call. (480) 401-2736

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